Live your life!!

In recent weeks I’ve been having conversations with friends about life.

None of us know why we’re here. We all have speculations and theories about how and why we’re here however the true reason will remain a mystery.

Today I want to speak to the inner child in us all. As kids we all had dreams and ideas of what we wanted to be and what we wanted to do in life. We we’re able to dream big because we had no knowledge of reality and no sense of restrictions.  This is a good thing. We believed in our hearts that we would be an astronaut or famous singer. That we would travel the world and do everything we wanted to. Do you know why we were able to dream big? Because we knew no fear! We weren’t consumed by thoughts of negativity. That is an emotion that is taught. We are all positive souls when are were born and we are exposed to negativity at an early age.

Remember when you received your first colouring book? You were probably taught to ‘colour within the lines’ so your drawing will look nice. And what happened if you went outside the line? You changed the page and tried something else…at least that’s what I did. The picture was still nice but in our minds we made mistake. No such thing when it comes to being creative. 

Creativity is an expression of self. It hurts me when I hear some say ‘I’m not creative’. We all are. It’s just a matter of finding your outlet and believing in yourself that you are good. Children are so creative. They can tell an amazing story and they come up with some pretty good ideas. Their imagination is boundless.

So this is my challenge to you… do something today or sometime this week that you use to love doing as a child and let yourself free to be a kid again. This could be as simple as watching an old cartoon, playing hopscotch with your kids on the sidewalk or colouring outside the lines in a colouring book. Just take a few minutes to be a kid may surprise yourself with the new ideas you may come up with.

Free your mind and live today!!

A Flower in a Garden

Plant the seeds in the fertilizer of knowledge. Water it with a mixture of self-confidence and respect, expose it to the light of positivity so it can stand tall. Handle it with love.

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