Be Inspired…

It’s funny how life goes. You go through each day unaware of what the next moment will bring. With that said I would like to highlight someone who has been an inspiration in my life recently.

For privacy sake, he will go by Chris M. He is a fantastic person with a beautiful soul and is just as warped as I can be at times. He does great impersonations and he’s destined to be a spectacular author.

He has inspired me to continue on my journey of writing children’s books. Chris is from the school of hard knocks and doesn’t tell you “that’s a nice story” as most people would just to spare your feelings. He actually asks questions about the characters and makes one think about what they are writing. He provides thoughtful feedback and suggestions to enhance the writing.

You may ask why I’m writing about him. Well, I told him I would so here we are. I just wanted to take a moment to thank him for being so supportive and for being one of a kind. Life spins at an incredible rate and I feel it’s important to thank those who make a lasting impression in my life.

Thank you Mr. Chris M! You’re a star!!

Keep up the good work and inspire others to do great things…now fly!!

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