Blackstage Pass with Jully Black in the studio…

This is another ‘Blackstage Pass‘ with Jully Black.

Once again I was blessed with opportunity to witness the magic involved in creating amazing music! I was recently at the studio with Jully Black, Young Pete Alexander and Guitarist Andrew Thompson.

Music has always been a passion of mine. When I was younger I wanted to be a DJ and to this day would love the chance to spin (a-hem…in case a DJ is reading this but I digress).

It’s surprising how a song can set a mood. A soft ballad will create images of happier times with a warm freeing feeling. Songs with a strong baseline can conjure up a feeling of power and assertiveness. You should see what happens to me when I hear “Burn Hollywood Burn” by Public Enemy…lol.

As I sat there, I marveled at all that’s involved in the process.  You know that feeling when you hear ‘your favorite’ song for the first time. You feel like you discovered it yourself though many people are hearing it too – still, some how you feel as though that song was created just for you.  That’s what I feel every time I’m in the studio with these masters.

I sat back, watched and listened to all that was going on.  The talent in the room was incredible.  Not to mention, watching the unparalleled skills of the engineer affectionately referred to as B-Genius.

I can’t wait for you all to hear what’s to come from Jully Black and her exceptionally talented team!

Here’s some footage from her recent performance at the Jamaica Jazz festival earlier this year. It’s just a sample of what’s to come on her new album (8)ight!

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