Sticks & stones don’t hurt as much as words…put a stop to bullying!

Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me?  Who made up that load of BS?  This childhood rhyme couldn’t be further from the truth.  At least physical wounds heal – when they’re emotional wounds, you’re often scarred for life.

Kids are being bullied and are taking their own lives and the lives of others because they can’t take the pain any longer and don’t know how to deal with it.  They would rather die and face the unknown instead of having to face the emotional and physical tormenting that many of them endure.

In a world where we often want to be different from everyone else, kids are being taunted for being ‘too different’.  We are taught from an early age that if you’re different, be it physical, emotional, sexuality or beliefs, then you have a problem and are often outcast. 

The victims vary but I would believe that it’s the quiet kids that don’t bother anyone or cause any problems and their only issue is that they won’t retaliate making them an easy target for this type of abuse.

The sad thing is that bullies usually have self-esteem issues themselves or problems of their own and the only way they know how to deal with it is to make someone else feel worse than they do.  But that’s no excuse for what’s happening.

I was always a quiet kid when I was younger and there were times a kid – specifically the class bully – would try to get at me as I would rarely say anything back but I was blessed with an older brother who would do anything for his little sisters.  My bro would be in protection mode and would always look out for the younger kids. Not everyone is blessed with their own bodyguard which would put the bully in check (without ever having to lay a hand on them). 

We also live in a different time with social media being so prominent, one comment can go viral and be sent to many people within seconds and forwarded, liked, re-tweeted and shared with everyone. 

This is a serious problem!  We need to speak with all kids and give them an outlet to share their experiences with others and not be judged in any way.  We need to listen to them and look for the signs.  Please don’t take this lightly – Help a child enjoy their childhood and allow them to be themselves.

Harvey Weinstein and company has created a documentary called “Bully” which follows several kids and shows what they go through on a daily basis.  The trailer is so sad cause these kids actually go through a lot and experience so much negativity in their young lives.  This movie has been rated “R” which means that the children who need to see it won’t get to.  It doesn’t make any sense – obviously parents need to see this but this movie really needs to be rated PG-13 because kids 13 and older who are going through something similar need to know they’re not alone and need to talk about their experiences.

Here is a link to the trailer for the movie – please view it and share with others:

4 thoughts on “Sticks & stones don’t hurt as much as words…put a stop to bullying!

    1. Thank you for sharing! My heart goes out to these kids that feel they have no way out. We need to let them know they’re not on their own.

  1. Good morning I wanted to share with you a personal story of mine about bullying…when I was in grade 1 a little boy would constantly push me around, he would kick my chair during class, he threw me deep in a snow bank until my mittens were soaked and closed me up in a locker. One day I could not take it so as my mom was dressing me I said, “I don’t want to go to school.” I was always a good students getting high grades, so my mom was surprised. She took my hand and went to see the school director to tell him that there is a boy in class making me not want to go to school and the little boy got a “pink slip” a paper students would get when in trouble. One day the teacher was lecturing that little boy in front of the whole class because he was not getting good grades. All along that little boy did this to me because of envy. The rest of my primary years were Bully Free.

    When I started high school secondary 1, three girls, would bully me with hurtful words, I was always the shy type, never talked much and did my work to be able to maintain high grades. They saw I never talked to any boys so everyday I would hear them whisper behind my back, she is a lesbian and ask me where I bought my clothes because my mom was alone raising myself and my brother, she would get us second hand clothing. When gym class came they would find ways to bring me down in gym class, possibly push me or throw the ball hard at me. Even my bully from grade one would make me believe that this guy liked me and whisper behind my back, she looks like Pinocchio. One day I was fed up so to make my mom believe I was going to school. I would pretend I would shut the house door in the morning and hide in my closet. A week later my mom got a call from the principle saying I was not in school for a week, my mom got worried so came home crying thinking I ran away or something. I wrote her a letter, while still hiding in my closet about my situation and how each time I told her about these people she would tell me to ignore. She begged me to come out of hiding spot and she would go see the director to explain to him my situation. After that the girls, who were not very good in school, would come ask me for help in the school work.

    Whenever something bothered me I always turned to music to unload my mind, Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears helped me a lot. Instead of doing something dramatical, I would turn on my music and dance, sing whatever in my room. Music is my therapy to unwind and set my mind free from negativity. When I was 8 years old I witnessed my parents’ divorced because of money issues. While I was in high school my mom always constantly leaving my brother alone to go out all night to find herself a new man. I had responsibilities at such a young age. She met a man and started a life with him, which was not easy either, he constantly made comments about my looks, thinking it was a joke but did not know it could hurt me so I never spoke to him and tried living my life with him living with us. He made my life miserable at home as well, if I did something wrong he would call me stupid, throw things at me and even punched a hole in my room door. Flashbacks of being bullied would come back to me. All this negativity got the best of me and whenever we were driving somewhere I would almost opened my car door with thoughts of jumping off a bridge. My mom new I did not have a nice childhood and it never lit up to her to tell her boy friend to stop doing that, she constantly told me it ‘s a joke because she is head over heals for him. In the end, this year they kicked me out of my house because I stood up for what I am most passionate about and there were times when I would be at home just networking to be able to work in media. Also, recession made it hard to find work so the money she had saved for me to build my future with, she started using it until it got empty. When she could have easily told me to move out that same year I had over 3, 000 or more. When I was a teen she took advantage of my innocence to take control of all my money to her advantage. She never supports me in anything, until this day and always brings me down. I still visit her on week-ends and one week-end her boy friend drank and he got mad at her for something and took it out on me, well he always would take out his anger on me, I was calmly relaxing in the hot tub and he came lashing at me to get out and leave, I was soaked so I did not want to go in the house, so he pulled my hair an pushed me! My brother right away called the cops. But my mom decied not to press charge.

    Even at work you can be bullied, I worked for a company and this manager who was having problems at home would constantly bring me down when I was doing the best I can at work, until one day she got me fired.

    My mom always had negative thoughts for me, I live on my own now and she barely calls me to ask how I am, she calls my brother more. I am different and it is strange to her, I am headstrong and she could never stand up for herself, her boyfriend put negative thoughts in her head. Just I ask her to take pictures, she says she is not photogenic and whenever her boyfriend gets mad at her she runs away, when she know that he hurts the ones that she loves the most, her family. When the police came she never pressed charge. Now she is alone with him because she kicked me out and never helps. My brother I left the house because we got tired of all the home commotion and he is only 20. She helped us with our education but never educated us on how to do manual things and how to succeed to obtain our dreams. My dad on the other hand taught us everything: love, happiness, money is not everything and to work in your passion and never give up. My dad was always the less fortunate but always gave to people he loves even if all he can afford is a mobile home, the love and joy is there with his girlfriend. They live in the country side (Chesterville, Ontario), so they cultivate their own food, live the natural way and are happy, never judgemental.

    Bullying can happen anywhere and by anyone: a friend, a family member, a peer. As long as you feel hurt and put down, it is bullying. Even the person who you thought was your best friend can make you feel worthless just by saying negative things to you. Saying you are no good, you will never make it. The best thing to do is surround yourself with positive people that encourage you and tell you things things in a well-mannered way, calmly and respectfully. I hope my story can inspire victims of bullying. When that was happening to me there were no organizations such as We Day, Love is Louder or Power2Gether to help join people together through various campaigns and events. There was not much publicity about it either. Today a lot of movments are available like foundations and advertisement to make people aware. Some victims of bullying today maybe unaware therefore they still commit suicide like the story of Amanda Todd because of one innocent mistake. I believe parents should receive more information from Anti-Bullying campaigns to be aware of this serious issue before more young lives are taken away and never see the bright future that lies ahead.

    No one should be looked down upon, as soon as you make a mistake, people constantly judge you, call you stupid, when in the end we are only human and all make mistakes. There is so much information a human can handle and information that you can soak in. We should accept each other differences more. Yes everyone has their problems in life but there is no need to take out on an innocent person, we learn something new everyday so no one is perfect. Perfection will exist when people come in harmony and help each other out. Respect comes both ways, you help me I help you!

    Anyone interested in participating in an Anti-Bullying project to make a short video of a personal story or talk about Amanda Todd’s story and what they did to stop bullying and they could email me the video to via You can be part of this project as well!



    Marie-Ève Côté

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