And the Oscar goes to….

It’s that time again… time to choose the best of the best.  It’s Oscar time!

This sunday all the stars will be out, walking the red carpet and telling us ‘who they’re wearing’.  I don’t know if Joan Rivers will be doing her usual show but I hope so, she’s so wrong but often so right!

As most people, I enjoy watching movies and like to think I’m a pretty fair critic.   With that said, every year I set a goal which is to watch all the movies that are nominated for an Oscar so I can give my honest opinion of who is deserving of the award.

Well, this year is no different then the past 12 years…all I’ve seen is half of one them.

The Help.

Of what I saw, it was good but I have to be honest.

Disclaimer: Some may be offended by what I’m about to say so please skip the next two paragraphs if you’re easily offended. Yes, I’m being a little dramatic….I am talking about the Oscars here people!

I’m tired of seeing actors being cast in a certain, almost stereotypical role and winning for it.  I would love to see Viola Davis win for best actress but I can’t help to wonder if she would have been honoured for playing a role other than a maid.  This is not an attack on her acting skills at all. In fact I am confident that she would give a spectacular performance in any role she took on, I just can’t help but wonder if there’s more to the award selection then we know. I’m just saying.

If you’ve been following the Oscars over the years, then you know that Denzel Washington won for playing a dirty cop in Training Day and Halle Berry (coincidentally in the same year as Denzel’s win) won for playing a prostitute in Monster’s Ball.  I’m not saying they’re not deserving of their awards as they are both amazing actors, I just find it funny.  But I’m a conspiracy theorist so perhaps it’s just me looking for something to dig into.

Denzel Washington in the lobby of the Dorothy ...
Denzel Washington at 62nd Oscars!

However, these are just observations and would not deter me from attending the Oscars if given the opportunity!

*Just putting it out there incase any actor is reading this and is in need of a last-minute date, I’m your girl…a-hem.*

All that aside, I hope that Viola wins because is a great actress and deserves it!

Here is my ode to “OSCAR” from the statues point of view…

And the Oscar goes to…

*YAWN* It’s february already…look at all these actors, waiting for their moment to shine.   Man I’m so tired, I wonder who I’ll go home with, honestly, I can’t wait to leave this line. I hope I go home with Brad, he seems cool, both him and his spouse…wait he has six kids and they’re all under 10 waiting back at the house. Scratch that – he’s out.

I wonder if Meryl will win…again, she seems to be alright. OMG I swear I’m dying inside,  I’m not going to make it through this night.  I can’t believe no one made me a chair, why can’t I be sitting through this show?  And who crossed my arms in front of me. It was who? FRANK?! Where is he so I can tell him where the *censored* to go.

George Clooney seems like a really nice guy.  I could stand on his mantel all day. He’s not a bad actor and a nice piece of eye candy…wait, what did I just say?

Here we go again with another long speech…can they start the music now?  What! who just won for best supporting actor – Nick Nolte? I’m not going no way, no how!

Talk, talk, talk…that’s all I hear – I’ve had enough of this place. Blah, blah, blah – did I hear that right, he just thanked his teacher from 3rd grade?

I’m done with this whole thing, this is my last year, I can’t believe my name is on this event.  Finally the end! Wait why is everyone leaving…I was joking – don’t leave me…I just needed to vent!!

Click here for a full list of nominations

Enjoy the Oscars!

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