Love is in the air…for a day?

Now I’ve always been a strong believer that people shouldn’t wait until Valentine’s Day to express how much they truly love another. 

Valentine’s Day isn’t about how many flowers you give/receive or about heart-shaped boxes of chocolates.  It’s about showing someone how much you love them and this should be expressed everyday. It’s as simple as a note on a desk or a single rose on a pillow or just a quick call to say hi.  There are so many ways to show how much you care about your loved one…everyday.

Though I’m single now, I’ve been in relationships that have been toxic and somehow this one day could turn a guy into Mr. Suave only have him to turn back to Dr. Evil when the day was done.  

I will always believe that love isn’t about one day, it’s about 365 days!!

Here is a poem in honour of this day.

Colours of love

Emeralds are green, onyx is black. Trust me with your heart and never look back.

Tulips are yellow, lilies are white. I think of you every day and dream of you at night.

Amethyst is purple, moonstone is grey.  My love for you will span forever and a day.  

Roses are red, violets are blue. Today and everyday I will always love you.

– end.

It seems fitting to have one of the greatest love songs apart of this poem.

I will always love you by Whitney Houston:

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