Honey Jam – Then & Now…Toronto at it’s best!!

Last week I attended an annual event called Honey Jam produced by PhemPhat Entertainment group.  This event has been happening every year since 1995 and showcases talented female artists from a variety of genres. PhemPhat is a non-profit organization which also provides educational and mentoring opportunities for artists as well as supports and promotes women charities such as the YWCA’s programs for women and girls.

A number of our own Toronto female artists have been apart of this great event over the years including: Jully Black, Tara Chase, Jemini (from G98.7), Kim Davis, Motion, Eternia, Michie Mee and so many more! 

I had the privilege to attend the event and get the backstage experience. 

When we arrived, some of the artists were already there.  I was standing to the side when Kim Davis came in.  I had to tell her my story.  See, my name is Kim David and seeing how people have a hard time believing my last name is a first name, they often call me Kim Davis so over the years, I’ve been asked a number of times “Are you the singer?”.  (Well, if they heard me sing, they would clearly not be asking that question.  I mean, I’m not bad, but I’m not Kim Davis!)  When I walked over to Kim, she greeted me with a hug and I told her my story and she said “I will never forget you Kim David.” – Love it!

Back to the matter at hand, as the artists arrived, they welcomed each other with warm smiles and hugs.  It was so nice to see these ladies get the chance to share a few moments together to reminisce and laugh about good times.

I was in awe of what I saw that night.  So much talent!  From rapping to singing and everything in between. They each sang a song representing a wide variety of influential ladies of the past. Motion represented Queen Latifah with her rendition of Ladies First.  She even nailed Mony Love’s part. Eternia rapped and surprised the crowd by bringing out Tara Chase. Everyone went nuts when she came out and tore it up.  The ladies had a spectacular night and Michie Mee hosted the event.

There are two performances that really struck a chord with me because these two performances were songs sung by our most recent losses.  Etta James and more recently Whitney Houston.  Kim Davis sang “I will always love you” and tore the place down.  No one could have ever guessed that a week later we would be hearing of Whitney’s unfortunate demise.

Jully Black broke it down with ‘Seven Day Fool’ and ‘Fool am I’.  Both songs sang by the late Etta James. 

It’s hard to believe that so many of our legends are leaving us but after watching these ladies of Honey Jam, I have hope in knowing that with this talent, Whitney, Etta and so many we’ve lost, that their legacy will live on and new legacies will be created.

We live in a digital age with autotune and other ways of enhancing a sound.  I’m not going to lie, I’ve sung many songs that have been digitally touched but  there is so much raw talent out there.  Not everything can be ‘autotuned’.  We need real music to come back.  We need to expose true talent!

Here is some footage of the Honey Jam performances.

Jully Black: http://youtu.be/GOTJih55v_o

Kim Davis – http://youtu.be/tZlzLQAk3sU

A summary of the evening: http://youtu.be/L7x-yiuJmAY

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