Backstage Pass at the Jamaica Jazz Festival Weekend – The Arrival (Part 1)

What an experience! I had the privilege of attending this year’s Jamaica Jazz Festival with Toronto’s own Jully Black.

Jamaica is such an intriguing island with the people as beautiful as the land.  The weather was perfect and though the nights were cooler than I had expected, it was still way better than what was happening at home in Toronto.

From the time I touched down at the airport, I knew it was going to be an amazing time.  I’ve been to Jamaica before but this was the first time I had been back since they finished renovating their airport.  It looked fabulous.  I was greeted by a pleasant immigration officer who warmly welcomed me to Jamaica.

The first day was filled with fun and laughter.  Everyone was obviously happy to be away from reality for a few hours.  We all piled into the bus and made our way to the resort.

On our way
Jully and Young Pete Alexander

When we arrived to Sunset Beach Resort in Montego Bay, we were welcomed with many smiles and cool tasty beverages.  The resort was spacious and inviting, instantly releasing a positive energy.  After we all checked in, we had a few moments to unpack and unwind before meeting up again.  When I opened the curtain to the balcony, I saw massive cruise ships in the distance.  With recent events aside, I’ve always marveled on how these liners float.  Simply Amazing.

Check out the water slide!

We eventually made our way to the grill side restaurant for a quick bite to eat. After we finished up, I walked around taking time to enjoy my (temporary) new home. The grounds were beautiful with soft white sand and clear water as far as the eye could see. I allowed all my senses to embrace the moment.  The slight scent of spices in the air reminded me of my mother’s baking. Colourful sights of beautiful exotic flowers and bright surroundings brought a sense of happiness to my heart.  The much needed warm rays of the sun touched my skin softly and the sounds of the birds and island music playing in the distance made me smile.  All these combined satisfied my soul and allowed me to enjoy every minute of the experience.

As dusk approached we regrouped at the resorts entertainment area where we watched the resort’s band as they entertained us with a variety of songs from different genres.

Some of the guys...chillin


Some of the girls....chillin


Jully and Me

I, along with many of the guests at the hotel, were treated to a song by Jully’s band mate and close friend D.Shon Hendersen.  It was a nice surprise not only for us but for D.Shon too as he had no clue that he would be performing.  Jully later joined him on stage supporting him with back up vocals. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with.  They’ve built a strong foundation with a 17 year friendship under their belt.  This must be how they can make their performances look effortless and like so much fun!

Everyone had to get ready for the big event the next day so we eventually all parted ways and later turned in to be in top form for show time.

Stay tuned for a review from  “The Show”!

“The More You Know…about Jully” moment – Jully loves sugar cane! : )

I will try to add these tidbits to each review.



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