Jamaica Jazz Fest – Celebrating 50 years of Independence!

As with many countries in the west indies, Jamaica has an intriguing and rich history.  You can tell by looking at the diversity of the country with people from various backgrounds.  Though my parents are from Trinidad and Grenada, I’ve always have a soft spot in my heart for Jamaica and the people of this beautiful island.

This year, Jamaica is recognizing 50 years of independence with a year-long celebration.  Kicking off this milestone year will start with the upcoming Jamaican Jazz Festival – Jan 26 – 28.

Their list of entertainers is a lengthy one with a lot of heavy hitters on the bill! Along side many sponsors who help to make this spectacular event possible.

Toronto’s very own Jully Black will be performing, opening for Celine Dion!  This is sure to be an amazing event.  I’ll be attending and will be coming back to write about my experience!!

Check it this out…http://youtu.be/yRLVKOTJLBI?hd=1

For more info, visit Jamaica Jazz Festival: http://jamaicajazzandblues.com/

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