Speed + Confidence = Usain Bolt

“Fast” can be described by a number of measures – mins/hours, day/months, etc.  One uncommon source of measurement is that of man.  To be specific, an exceptionally talented man.

Mr. Usain Bolt.

I respect all runners for one simple reason. Determination. As a runner, not only is the body transformed into a machine but the mind is developed to think, breathe and live in preparation for the ultimate performance.

Mr. Bolt has inspired this poem.

The Race!


That’s the signal, the race is on!

He glides by swiftly, effortless and strong.

He’s focused on his goal with his head held high.

He doesn’t look back or break his stride.

He rounds the corner with confidence and grace.

He leads the pack with a grin on his face.

Like the speed of electricity charged by a volt.

He approaches the finish line like a lightning BOLT!


Here is a video of http://youtu.be/LCkmj2kS_Q0  – To skip the intro, fast forward to 3:45 to watch the race.

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