From the top…

Last week I had the privilege of watching Jully Black and her band rehearse. When I walked into the room they had already started and were sounding incredible. I didn’t know what to expect as I had never witnessed artists rehearse before.

The room was dark with the main lights focused on the stage. There was an open area in the middle of the room and towards the back was where all the sound equipment resided along with two gentlemen ensuring the sound was to perfection. From what I could tell, although they weren’t on stage, their roles were as equally important as they were making sure that the sounds were tight.

What amazed me was the energy I could feel in the room. Each musician expressed their emotions through their instruments flawlessly. I’m always fascinated by the way a band works cohesively. Every artist is dedicated to one instrument and by working together they create a unique and sensational sound.

I was also amazed to find out that Jully was feeling a bit under the weather because by watching her perform, you would never know it. She rehearsed as though the room was filled with all her fans watching and singing along with her. One of my favorite Jully Black songs is ‘Running’ and she is a true representation of what that song stands for.

As they were wrapping up, Mr. Luther Brown, well-known choreographer and judge for “So You Think You Can Dance” Canada stopped by to show his support. I learned that Jully and Luther have been friends for a long time now and I admire the love and support that Jully’s team shows for each other. She surrounds herself with people who are grounded and positive and they have good intentions which are nurturing and supportive.

I feel blessed to have had this opportunity of watching Jully and her band rehearse and I hope to have this chance again.

This experience has inspired the following words.

From the top

The drum beats start – boom boom tap. The bass comes next – bown bown bapp. The piano plays – B C G. The vocals ease in – So La Ti. On their own, each sound is hot.  When played together, the heat can’t be stopped.

Here is a link to Jully Black’s song – Running –

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