Free yourself…at the CN Tower?

I like to think that I’m not afraid of too many things.  However, the one thing that does freak me out is the new Edgewalk attraction at the CN Tower. 

I’m still trying to wrap my head around this one.

Ok, so I’m going to pay $175, along with (I’m pretty sure) signing a waiver which likely states that if I should soil my jumper whilst being 1168 feet above ground and if the ‘safety’ harness which is holding me to the tower should malfunction and break, they are not responsible for picking up the pancake that will be on the ground which would have previously been known as my body.  Or in other words the waiver might  as well state – if you fall, “that’s your ass”.

Now in no way am I saying not to try this and I’m not knocking this attraction at all.  I honestly admire anyone who has the courage to conquer this feat.  I’m sure if I was more of a daredevil or risk taker I would be the first one up there.  But seeing how I get nervous just walking across the glass floor at the top of the tower….its safe to say that I’d rather not do it and pretend that I did.

I would think that being up there would give one a sense of freedom like that of a bird soaring high in the sky.

If you think this would be exciting and if you do give this attraction a try, let me know what it’s like.  I’ll live vicariously though you.

Though I will not experience The CN Tower Edgewalk attraction myself, just imagining the feeling inspired the following poem.

On the edge.

Take a deep breath, now’s the time.

Don’t look down, just wait for the sign.

Stand on the edge, don’t be afraid.

It’s your turn to break out of your cage.

Free yourself.  Spread your arms like a plane.

It’s your moment to shine, it’s your time to reign.

With only one chance, you can’t go wrong.

Seize the moment before it’s gone.

Take a look at this Edgewalk video footage, it’s pretty cool –

Disclaimer: All my comments about a potential waiver are fictional.  I have no idea if there is a waiver and if there is I don’t claim to know what it states. Though I’ve provided a link to video footage of the edgewalk attraction, I am in no way affiliated with CN Tower or their affiliates and I do not represent them in any manner.  My comments are just my personal beliefs. 
Please sign below stating that you’ve read this disclaimer and understand what it states. Tee hee.

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