I’m not perfect…but who is?

A few months ago, I went to a recital for a young girl who I call my niece. It was the first time she attempted to play the piano and sing in a duet style. During her solo, she performed beautifully and played the piano masterfully.   The second singer joined in and for some reason my niece was thrown off.  She didn’t give up though. I watched as she started from the top and once again, she was able to perform her part with ease. The second singer joined in again and my niece drew a blank.  She still didn’t give up, she tried one more time and the same occurrence took place.  At this point, the pressure mounted and it was just too much for this young girl to bear.

She stood on stage and did what anyone of us would have done at that age.  She looked for her mother as tears fell from her eyes.  Soon enough, tears were falling from my eyes as I knew the pain she was feeling.  I’m sure we’ve all felt that immense weight, when we feel as though we can no longer continue trying.  She wept in the arms of the many people who were there to support her.  Each family member telling her that she was great (which she was) and that it was alright (as it was).  I think of all the times as an adult I’ve just wanted to stop trying and just give up – but knowing that things have to get better, I don’t.

She’s young and still she tried three times.  In certain situations, some of us are willing to give up after the first or second try.  I’m certain she will look back on this day and realize that though it seemed like the most stressful experience to go through…it really wasn’t that bad.

That’s really what puts life into perspective.  When you experience an emotional moment, thinking that it could never get any worse yet sure enough, it does.  But that’s only to help us see that no matter how bad a situation is, we can get over it and persevere.

The irony is, she was singing Hedley’s song “Perfect”.  (A link to their video is attached)

Hedley – Perfect: http://youtu.be/2CA2HdDj0Ys

Thoughts by KSD

Life is not about what is given to us, it’s what we take from it.  When the strain and weight of thinking ‘I can’t try again’ is too much to bear – just do it one more time.  The secrets of life are unknown to us.   None of us have a manual to say what should be done or how life should be lived.  We are all soldiers of life, constantly fighting a battle, often with ourselves.  Like a solider we need to hold our heads up high and know that what doesn’t break us will only make us stronger. Stand tall, stand strong, never give up! In order to succeed you must not be afraid to fail.  Life is like a puzzle, you need to connect the right pieces together to make a beautiful picture. Never underestimate the power of Perseverance.


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