Picture this…

People may think that in order to take a nice picture, all you really need is a good camera and a subject.

With that said, I honestly believe there are only a select few who can capture emotion in a photo.  This is what separates a person who takes pictures of everyday life experiences from a person who allows you to experience life though their pictures.

As I was browsing through other blogs, there was one which really caught my attention.

Andrew R. Slaton is a magnificent photographer and his blog contains images that truly capture the moment.

These words were inspired by Andrew’s photo shown below.

A Reflective Dream.

A hush in the air as life stands still with the clouds making meticulous movements across the sky.  The mountains stand tall like soldiers at their post, protecting the wilderness from coast to coast. The forest is quiet, not a sound to be heard.  The soft wind blows the leaves of the trees. The reflection of the water reveals a leaf gently falling from above.

In the reflection the leaf is getting closer. It touches the water as if to awaken it from a dream.  As the water is shaken from the slight touch, the ripple effect begins and the trees appear to sway, the mountains appear to shake and the clouds appear to glide.

A Reflective Dream

To view more of Andrew’s amazing photos, visit his site at:


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