What time is it? It’s almost (8)ight.

I will be the first to say that I AM CANADIAN…and proud of it!

My parents, like many others, migrated to Canada to start their families and to give their children ‘a better chance in life’.

Canada is home to a lengthy list of talented individuals. One of those people blessed with an incredible amount of talent is our very own Jully Black.

Jully has been sharing her blessings with us for years.  Her blessings stretch beyond her amazing voice.  She shares the gift of time, happiness and love with her fans and many reputable charities that are dear to her heart.

Jully’s credentials include singer, songwriter, actress, entrepreneur and so much more.

I’ve been blessed to know and watch Jully evolve from a young girl with a powerful voice to a strong woman with extranodinary talent.

The following words were inspired by Jully’s photo below.

A style like no other. So refined.

Grace that’s untouchable. One of a kind.

Reach for the goal. See it. Touch it.

Point to the future. Embrace it. Become it.

What is the future? The future is f(8).

The future is coming.  The future is (8)ight.

Jully Black
The future is (8)ight

Watch out for Jully’s new album (8)ight! 

To hear a sample of her new single, visit her website at: http://www.jullyblack.com/

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