Fade to black….

Though I wasn’t surprised to hear of Amy Winehouse’s fate, I was saddened by the news of her unfortunate but predictable demise.  We will not see her perform live again but she has left us with songs that I’m certain will be considered legendary in years to come.

This is an ode to Amy. I’ve attempted to capture the title of her songs within.

Fade to black…

When you came back in black, you showed us your pain.  By going to rehab, you made us believe you’d be ok. When you said love is blind and did as you will.  Your heart was torn to pieces – unable to be refilled. Though your tears always dried – those tears dried on their own.  You learned the hard way that love is a losing game and often felt alone.

At what point did you tell yourself – “You know, I’m no good“? At what point did you convince yourself you had done all that you could.

When you said it’s just “Me and Mr. Jones“, did that have you flying higher than life? Did it cause you pain when you saw him holding her as though she was his wife?

Did you wake up alone and question when did it all go wrong? You wanted to be independent, you wanted to be strong.  You did your best and tried to be “Just Friends” but like “Some Unholy War” love made you fight to the bitter end.

R.I.P. Ms. Winehouse – your music will forever live on.

Here are a couple of my favourite songs by Amy.

Just Friends – http://youtu.be/zzlzI3BnoGw

You know I’m no good – http://youtu.be/b-I2s5zRbHg

These tears dry on their own: http://youtu.be/ojdbDYahiCQ

City Lights

The following words are inspired by a photo (seen below) taken by Lucy Limanni. Lucy is an amazing photographer with great talent.  In each of her photos she is able to capture the beauty of the object of which she has focused upon.

City Lights 

Flashing lights, moving cars, towers soaring high

Look closely – what do you see?

Be still – what do you hear?

Stop and watch the world speed by in slow motion.

It’s your night – don’t look back

It’s your night – make it last

It’s your night amongst the City Lights.

City Lights

To see more amazing photos visit Lucy’s website at: http://lucylimanni.wordpress.com/2010/11/14/hello-world/